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How to do first unlocking after 5km?


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Hello guys, as I have written to another topic, I have recieved my new 18L today as my first wheel ever... I have ridden 7km so far, and I want to unlock it and set the speed limit to more than 20kmph.... (Yes, I can ride it... I have learned have to ride EUC by my friend with V5F)..

I tryed to unlock it via app from google store... But it just says: "Net error!" As a small bouble window and dont do anything... I could press the  "get code" button, but now I cant even get to that unlock screen and I dont know why...

Can anyone help me with this issue? Thank you!

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2 hours ago, stephen said:

do it over data not wifi... just register yourself age ,email ,etc you don't have to press get code.. then just go to speed settings it should be unlocked

I do it ovee data... I dont have any wifi atm.. It is locked on 25kmph and I cant even log into app via kingsong account... :(

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9 minutes ago, nte said:

If you have an iOS device or a friend with iOS then you can use DarknessBot to unlock to 40km/h

I cant eve login... I press login and it does not do anything. :(

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