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This will be my first message on this forum. I own a InMotion V8 since one year ago and now i am waiting for a new Kingsong KS-18L to arrive next week. I first ordered a Inmotion V10, but too much waiting for it to arrive, i change my mind for a KS-18L instead. I thought about prepare to install the Kingsong app but I cant register a user in it. I have both tried the option to verificate with phone and email. I get a code in both case but everytime i click on the button "Please register" i just get the message "System busy...". Are there any known bugs in the Android app so its not possible to register a user. Is it better to use a Iphone? Or should i just forget the Kindsong app and use Darknessbot or WheelLog instead?

Any suggestion welcome, i am new to Kingsong!


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I'm guessing it just has something to do with their web/data site.

The FW updates are also sometimes showing busy and their app is a bit glitchy. In fact, I could not register my 18L on the new app, and had to use my wife's gmail account. That worked for me. 

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