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Need wire harness for Msuper V2

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I have tried to repair my battery charge wire harness for my Msuper v2 and it seems to not work at all. The batteries no longer charge. I think the connectors I used didn't have a thick enough wire or something ?


is there anywhere I can get just this piece? It seems so silly to just give up on this wheel, I want to get it back in working order.


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With a little hunting you should be able to identify what the connectors are and order new ones from an electronics supplier. Then you may want to pick up some high quality silicone insulated wire like they use in the RC hobby. There is nothing special about the plugs, just do not let anything short out. For that matter, you could swap to a different plug that probably has a much better amp rating. Sample of good wire:


They also sell the XT-60s and such that some of the EUCs use inside:


Another thing you can look at is if the connectors are clean. If they have been sparking when you plug them in, they can easily damage the ability of the connector to actually make an electrical connection. Take a look at them, they contacts should be nice and clean with a smooth finish. If they are black and deformed or bent, you may be able to repair them to a functional state. If this is the case, I would plan to replace them soon.

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