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what I would like to see in future electric wheels ...


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here we go:

i would like to see as a standard feature in EVERY future electric wheel:

- a small rugged LCD screen which displays the following:

: temperature of motor including alarms

: temperature of each battery pack including alarms

: current voltage of each battery pack including alarms

: remaining power or amps in each battery pack including alarms

: during charging of the electric wheel,  the LDC screen will display the input current being used, and the current voltage of each

battery pack,  and a comparison of each battery pack voltage to each other

- a small compartment in the electric wheel shell which holds a few tools

- a strong eyelet or hole within which a locking device can be passed thru to secure it

- much more greater wheel clearance between the inner shell and the wheel hub so that tubes with STANDARD STRAIGHT valve stems

can be used.  this would allow ewheel owners to easily purchase their tire and tube needs at a regular bicycle store rather than

spend xtra dollars on this equipment at ewheel retail stores

- MORE RUGGED plastic shells that can take the regular abuse of riding and dropping the ewheel on the pavement due to crashing and wiping out

now, you may think this is abit much but lipo chargers for rc model batteries display this information standard because

most owners look after their collection of rather expensive model batteries.

yeah i know, we have bluetooth apps that display some of this information.  it should be standard to have this information available on the wheel,  the app should be


straight valve stems are much more common and easier for find than bent valve stems

greater wheel clearance between inner shell and tire surface will allow riders to experiment with different tread patterns and compounds.

finally,  since a fairly good quality electric wheel easily hovers around $1000 plus minus $200 (and way up from there),  dont you think we, as consumers of these

specialty products deserve our money's worth ????

food for thought,  and perhaps ideas for the manufacturers...

please post more ideas that you may have !!!





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