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Kingsong France


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Our website is on way, kingsong-France.com

hightems.eu is one of reseller, we are looking for new partners to develop this brand in France and EU.

good day



yes with internet every one can buy from anywhere, the only thing who makes difference is after sales service, delivery and answer you could have from a local supplier.

and in the case of EU the after sale service is really important as I can see with Ninebot or other brand, sometimes there is some maintenance to do.

an other point, if you want buy it from an oversea country don't forget you will pay at your door the custom tax and vat. 

Have a good day

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Kingsong- france they are fakes.

2 items purchased, with free schiping. Later, an email that I have to pay for sending. This is fraud. 

KingSong Europe
Delivery Address
Vero Loupatty
Veldhoven 3754 JK                          Helmond Pays-bas 06875643..
INVOICE 04/04/2017 #KS000118/2017
Billing Address
Vero Loupatty
Veldhoven 3754 JK                                     Helmond Pays-bas 06875643..
Invoice NumberInvoice DateOrder ReferenceOrder date #KS000118/201704/04/2017SHSKPWHHY04/04/2017
ReferenceProductTax Rate
#AM0046-16-L ogo
Unit Price
(Tax excl.) QtyTotal
(Tax excl.)
Pad - Color : Logo, Modèle : KS-16 20 % 14,16 € 1 14,16 €
#AM0019 Valve extension 20 % 4,16 € 1 4,16 €
Tax DetailTax RateBase priceTotal Tax Products 20.000 % 18,32 € 3,66 €
Payment Method CC Payment with SIPS/ATOS
21,98 €
Carrier Retrait sur place
Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)
KingSong Europe - France
Total Products 18,32 €
Shipping Cost Free Shipping
Total (Tax excl.) 18,32 € Total Tax 3,66 € Total 21,98 €
1 / 1

Not nice people.


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