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Holy Cow! - A Newbie G3 Rider Story...

Brian L. Byrdsong

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Hello, good to have another rider in the community.  Welcome to the addiction.

I am glad you are happy with your wheel. 

You have wheels for speed, distance ,maneuverability ,compact size, and coolness. Off road fits in there somewhere.  Some people like options.  A wheel that is big and awkward to a small person can be small and nimble to a larger person.  The V8 is good all around for lighter people but can be over powered by larger aggressive riders. 

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By G3, do you mean Glide 3? If you are under 190lbs and use slime in your tires, you will probably avoid the blowout of the innertube. I ride mine everywhere, and usually theres a lot of glass in one or more parts of my ride, so get some Slime to protect your innertube.

I take mine to work everyday as well. Wear a helmet, because people exiting their cars can dislodge you just as well as it could a bicyclist, and find a rear view mirror mod that suits you, whether its an automotive mini mirror on your wrist guard or that eyeglass extension thingy. You will want to check out whats behind from time to time and not take your eyes off the road for long.

Threre are upgrades and there are different riding style upgrades. Sometimes you may want to go over 30 miles and will want something more. I went for the V10F thinking it would be an InMotion V8 upgrade. Its a lot different, but still very similar in feel and looks.

Welcome to the party!

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