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Not a phone or tablet guy - can I still use an EUC?


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Hey folks,

I'm really intrigued by these electric unicycles - they look like a lot of fun as well as a practical means of cheap transportation (for fairly short distances).  My problem is that I don't have a smart phone or a tablet.  I do have a windows laptop with bluetooth that I often have with me.  Is it possible to use an EUC effectively without a phone or tablet?  Are some models more useful for a "tech-handicapped" person like me?

Thanks for any advice you might have.

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9 minutes ago, RockyTop said:

You can borrow a friends phone for a 1/2 hour or buy a cheap tablet or pick up a junk phone.

+1 with that, my wheel only connects to Android and I use an iPhone so I bought a very cheap android phone to configure it.

Even if you have no knowledge or interest in phone technology it is no barrier, I’m sure you can find a teenager (or even younger) who will be able to wiz though whatever you need to do in minutes ?, I’m slightly horrified at just how proficient my 2 year old Grandson already is with an iPad!

6 minutes ago, Paddle2See said:

I just have to find a cheap phone with both WiFi and Bluetooth.  Thanks so much.

That is pretty much all of them these days - just check that it has an operating system that is compatible with the app, some apps need at least a certain version of Android or IOS - again any teenager should be able to help ?

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I have heard that android is better.  I have only used IPhone on my new Kingsong and GotWay.

Iphone software requirements  (software version not phone)  If I remember correctly the iphone  6 came with IOS 9  over three years ago.

Inmotoin  IOS  9 

KingSong  IOS 8 

GotWay  IOS  8

Ninebot IOS 8

Android software requirements 

Inmotion 4.1

KinSong 4.4

GotWay 4.3

Ninebot  4.3


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just borrow someones phone to change the settings how you lile them on the wheel and then never use a phone again. Phone is usually only used to unlock speed limits, set the riding mode and so on. you dont need a phone for everyday use. Just maybe once for setting it up. But you can also just ride with the limits that are set and never use a phone if you have to. But fiddling a little with it is a good idea

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On 7/17/2018 at 7:20 AM, Paddle2See said:

Awesome!  That sounds like a way forward.  Just so long as I don't have to pay monthly phone bills.  I just have to find a cheap phone with both WiFi and Bluetooth.  Thanks so much.

I bought a $20-30 Android phone at Dollar General. Walmart will have them that cheap too, and then on trips where you want to use the app you'll have a phone to do so. And you can take photos of your EUC travels with your cheap Android phone too. No phone contract necessary.

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