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Wheel efficiency (pure, no air drag)


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I've been curious about wheel energy efficiency. I've asked myself - what speed should I maintain to get best mileage on a single charge? I think I'm not the only one who would like to get that answer ?

I've made a simple experiment to determine wheel energy efficiency,. To be exact - I've tried to determine how many watts per hour are consumed by the wheel to ride a one kilometer, but excluding air drag. Why? Because I was curious to determine wheel energetic characteristics. Air drag is easy to determine by simple physics and matematics, so knowing your wheel you can calculate the most efficient speed that include drag.

Ok, here are some details about experiment:

  1. Wheel condition - Kingsong KS-16C with 1.25 firmware, fully charged
  2. Treadmill condition - no incline
  3. Rider weight - 80 kg
  4. Ambient temperature - 25 °C
  5. Measurements acquisition - using WheelLog, speed and power values averaged over about 5 seconds at each treadmill speed.

My treadmill top speed was 18 km/h, speed returned that speed as about 19,26 km/h. I cannot determine if the difference is on the wheel or the treadmill side, but I think it doesn't matter. Here are the raw data. I hope someone will determine a most energy efficient speed including air drag :)




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