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Double your 84 volts wheels charging speed for just 25$!


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i was looking for cheaper fast chargers on ebay and aliexpress, since almost all euc shops charge wayyyy too much for a simple high amperage active charger

so while looking i found this cheap passive 3amp charger for 84volts, thats double the amperage from the typical 1.5 amps the stock chargers is at, and its on 25$! thats not a bad price for double charging speed, and its also pretty sweet thats its a passive charger like the stock charger, and not an active charger like the ones from speedy feet and ewheels, those are more likely to go up in flames like some of you have unfortunatly seen first hand. so i just thought i wanted to share this i found and also its only 25$ so what is there to lose? i know it doesnt come with a gx 16-4 plug, but those can be bought cheaply on ebay too for a few bucks, just follow some instructions on how to solder and get going, here is the link


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