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Motherboard compatibility for Ninebot Mini?

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I'm looking to replace the motherboard/control board of a mini after it got wet and stopped turning on. Online, I see a blue board that matches what I have, and a purple board, which I believe is the one for the minipro. Someone commented they had to mod the purple board a bit to fit their mini, but it worked, and the seller described the purple board as unlocking the hoverboard to use with third party apps. 

Should I get a blue board or the purple board? Are there any benefits such as faster speed for the purple one?

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Edit: I meant to say I have the GREEN board. 

37 minutes ago, 68bugboy said:

You might be better off with this:


All you have to do is transplant the fenders, motors, battery and steering bar.


So minipro boards will work with mini-everything-else?

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