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Widest _measured_ tire for 16x2.125?


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Has anyone playing around with tires actually measured their real width?


Lets say a certain euc owner wants a bit wider but the shell only alloys a certain gap. It would seem useful to have a table of measured tire widths.


In such a table the rim used should be specified (or the internal width) to compare before purchase. (A wider rim makes the same tire wider)


I can probably not squeeze in a 16x2.5inch tire but maybe there is something inbetween 2.125 and 2.5 (measured).


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I wish there could be a tire designed for EUC's that's more like a road cycling tire. Cycling tires have very little tread on the sides, thin sidewalls and most of the rubber in a strip along the middle. 

This means you could fit a larger tire on the same machines and get a better ride, lower rolling resistance and safer at speed.

I like that the current e-tires are very puncture resistant and withstand a lot of mileage. Some choices would be great though.

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