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Wildlife encounters

Kyle O

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Probably the most common thing is people's dogs chasing me.  Likely, they've probably never seen an euc before.   This happens several times per ride.

Less commonly I've been having run in's with whitetailed deer almost crashing into me.   Very close incidents in which I have to slow down to avoid impact with a deer running almost 40 miles an hour!  If I were to not see one and take a hit like that it would be very bad, probably worse than a face plant.

Oh, and one armadillo. 

Anyone else have weird ones?

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Yesterday I ran into three badgers and got it on video. I’ll post soon. Also today saw snakes. Cows and horses like to watch me ride. 

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In the last two weeks (in Massachusetts) I've seen two large (adult?) female deer. One encounter was mid afternoon as it stood next to a field of growing corn (I caught a glimpse of it while rolling by on a road) and the second deer encounter was one standing next to the woods along an old rail road bed in the late afternoon. The deer (white tail showing as it bounded off) next to the woods was timid, jumping off into the woods as I slowly moved towards it.


"During the summer time, you'll usually find the female whitetail deer in the thick forests, since there is plenty of food to be found there in the summer.

Also, not only do the thick forested areas provide plenty of food, but they also provide safety and shelter from the summer storms that tend to occur."

There have been several heavy rain storms with thunder and lightning. The information in the quote seems to apply.

On a hot afternoon a black snake crossed in front of me over an old railroad bed. Perhaps a 'black racer' or a 'black rat snacke' of length several feet.


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NYC riding = Pigeons, Rats, Dogs & Squirrels running INTO you. By the time the animals notice you're coming, with all the other commotion around them, they have no clue which way to turn. You'll get tangled in a fleeing flock of pigeons for half a block ?

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