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Error charging


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So... I send a video trying to explain to the seller what the problem is with my airwheel. Charger does only blink every second, but it doesnt charge at all.

Also the airwheel itself seems to have recieved quite a lot of damage to it during its transportation from china to sweden. 

The seller told me that I would get a new charger, if I just told him a price I would get to buy a new one from sweden. I told him it would be about 157 us dollars. But he insisted that the charger wouldnt cost more that 10 us dollars. What crap is that? 

Waiting for a new charger now however, hopefully this will work out in the end. 

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$157 is way over the top.

Welcome to the nordic countries, insane prices & taxing... ;) 

When I was looking for the self-powering voltage displays, the cheapest I could find domestically were over 40€ (around 45USD) + shipping. Ordered from Aliexpress, they we're a few euros a piece (with shipping).

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