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Motor Recommendations for 3D printed build

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I didn't see any response here but also curious about a similar subject (though would prefer a slightly larger motor).  Any preferred vendors, or even some specific links to decent suppliers?


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Well, since you ask... :)

The biggest reason is that "cheap used machines" are not always easy to find.  Local craigslist and the classifieds here do not seem to have many cheap wheels come through.  Though, "cheap" is relative.  I'm a few days late for the IPS Zero I guess. :P

Another factor is that used equipment may have small (or large) problems with it, and by definition will be operating with older technology (not that a ton has changed).  And it would be nice to know the specs of the motor being used.

Ideally I would like something I can build more than one of.

Also I'm not keen on buying perfectly functional products and ripping them apart, when other people might be happy to own them and use them as intended.

But sure, if someone has a cheap wheel they'd like to provide to the cause, maybe something that worked fine until the control board / FETs let go, please let me know!  Or I could post something to this effect in the classifieds area.

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