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Android App 4 Fastwheel EVA finaly arrived


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Fastwheel finaly released the Android App for the Fastwheel EVA.

It looks much cooler than the Iphone/Ipad App and has more features.

Here are some screenshots from the Android App.

You can download the Android app from the Fastwheel site, see: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qcWbG

So far I can succesfully connect with bluetooth and the app can read out the data from my Fastwheel. The front Light can be controlled by the app.

I did not needed a firmware update as I already have the latest firmware.

When I have some more info I will let you know how the app behaves during a test drive.




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Is there anywhere reliable place to download most up to date version of this application for android?

It's really frustrating that you can not find it in google play or even on the manufacturers website (is there any not in chines?) 

I have android 6.0 and version 2.20 does not work/start on my mobile. Please help!

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