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Tiltback for safety

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i don’t wear protective gear but i am gonna start wearing my bicycle helmet with new rear view mirror to keep track of Bob. i know i should especially seeing all the injuries on this forum. 

however, i have a closed course i ride on, no potholes or curbs, just the occaisional down limb or branch which is a pita. i’m gonna stop riding the little 9bots unless i’m just playng around learning stuff like practicing mounting or slow turns.

when i ride like this with little or no protection, which is always, 15mph is about my top speed 12mph is my average. i’m thinking that i’ll set tilt back at 20mph, which i should never hit, on my  18s, 16s, V10F and the 18L and Z10 when they get here. since i’m setting the tiltback below the max speed of all these wheels, i figure that will give me a better margin of safety keeping the wheels from the dreaded “cutoff”. cutoff is what i’m trying to avoid while riding on my asphalt road, pasture wouldn’t be fun but wouldn’t make me uglier.

i keep all my wheels charged between 60% and 100% and i don’t mind tiltback at all. better than the alarms that i might not hear and don’t like getting yelled at anyway.

it’s too hot here to wear protective gear. thanks to Bob, i’m pretty adept at runing off(even on my little L8F kick escooter) and faling in the pasture, i’m just trying to avoid this cutoff thing.

i’m not looking for anybody’s blessing for not wearing protective gear. when i rode motorcycles on the street, i wore more than most. if i rode streets on a wheel, which i don’t see that happening ever, i would wear everything available, probably with flares. 

i’m just trying to setup the wheels to avoid cutoffs, which probably could kill you even with protective gear. 

if there’s anything else i can do to avoid “cutoffs” please lmk.

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