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Question about IOT - what if a company disappears


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I am planning to buy my first unicycle. However, I have a few questions to experienced users. ?

What if the manufacturer disappears?

For example, let's look at the InMotion app: https://www.inmotionworld.com/blog/how-to-bind-your-inmotion-vehicle-with-app

To pair your unicycle with your phone they require you to log into the app. What if the company/server/app one day disappears and the log-in won't work?


Another example, KingSong:


Speed unlock: To cater professional player’s persuit for speed, they can unlock the unicycle
and get a higher speed. To ensure the safety, users have to contact with distributors, offering
the vehicle serial number to get the corresponding unlock code.

What if the distributor/KingSong goes bankrupt before a user asks for the code? Will the vehicle be limited to 18 km/h forever, or is there some other way to unlock it?


Are there fully functional alternative/open-source apps for unicycles? Or at least any specs that would allow a skilled person to write one themselves in case something happens to the vendors? I don't want to commit $1000 to something that can become a paperweight overnight, just because a server stopped working.

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Yeah... I bought a Navdy a year or two back and then this happened... https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/navdy-shutting-down/. But some tach-savvy users fairly quickly worked out ways to keep most functionality working - one evern wrote some apps to fill in the gaps.

And for EUC, there are already third-party apps that you could use to substitute... Which is good because some of the manufacturers' apps are pretty rubbish anyway.

So overall, I wouldn't be too concerned about this aspect.

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I unlocked my KingSong with Darknessbot.  I do not use the KingSong app at all.  Ilya just made the Darknessbot app work with RockWheel in less than a week because a member here requested it.   The community will figure it out. 

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To my understanding pedal calibration is so far the only functionality not implemented by the alternative apps. But it  tends to be a set-and-forget feature.

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