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On 7/4/2018 at 10:15 AM, Atharif said:


Great demonstration of the infamous Mini tilt back.

After a year of riding the MiniPro, I have adjusted and accepted this as part of the riding experience.  I can understand the frustration when riding in a bike lane and attempting to exceed the speed limitations.

I often ride on sidewalks and pedestrian trafficked lanes or where runners frequent.  I can pass most runners.  It’s an easier pace than competing with the speed of bicyclists.

I’ve found my space and pace on the paths.

Just gliding.

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What a good definition, infamous Tilt-Back, yes, it's horrible, I think NineBot or Segway have completely exceeded their security systems, making them dangerous, it's funny that one thing they put for safety and it turns out to be more dangerous than safe.

I do not mean that they have to remove the backward movement, I think it is necessary, what I say is that they have put it so excessive, that it is dangerous, no matter how bad you are driving, they can not take away the address of a device or make it so uncomfortable, that's why it's easier to fall to the ground, than in another way.

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