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@Kingsong - KS16 design upgrade


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Hello Kingsong! 

Hope someone of the Kingsong team will read this:

You already have the (in my opinion) best designed wheels KS14D and the KS18L. But the KS16(S) still has the old design.

I know the spects of the KS16(S) are fine but (sorry to say) the design is not as stylish as the KS14D or the KS18L. The next will be my third wheel, so I like to spend my money in a wheel that has style and great spects. 

I know you can build this because you already did it in 14 and 18 inch sizes. 

When will you offer a redesign of the KS16S? 

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Engineering a new shell design is an expensive proposition. My idea to get a KS16 shell upgrade out quickly/cheaply was quickly shot down...

It's still not entirely clear to me why KS couldn't use the 18L shell on a KS16, but if they could it would gain the space for 16 more 18650 battery cells (exactly what you need for 67.2V).

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