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Was just about to order a Msuper X 84v until I just saw the 100v

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The 100v is not mass produced, so less after sales support. It costs more and is and also more risky (due to reported problems with other 100v models). 84v is proven, and will have much longer range. Unless you know you absolutely want the extra power at a cost of range, dollars, and support, stick with the 84v.

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i heard somewhere that the 100v had been less reliable. But you are mostly gaining more torque  and speed at the high end. But not a big difference. And that compared to the reliability issues i have heard of. And also the 100v only comes with 1200 eh battery compared to 1600wh in the 84v. I personally think the cons outweigh the small benefits. I also thought of getting the 100v but my  choice is gonna be the 84v. And thats what im gonna recommend

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