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Wanted to ask about the pedals.


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2 minutes ago, SetasenaRR said:

Hello guys just got my unicycle 3 weeks ago and its really awesome!


Wanted to ask why when i go high speed, the pedals moved downwards, and making beep sounds. Can i disable this features?


Btw its the Segway One A1/S1

Downwards? The front goes up and the back should get down. If so this is called tiltback and absolutely normal - its a max speed/overheat warning after the beeps.

Imo the only wheels were this tiltback cam be disabled are Gotways.

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Unfortunately, no. The wheels can only spin so fast before hitting top speed and 18km/h is the limit for your A1. You're hitting the redline, essentially. If you were to lean any farther, the wheel wouldn't be able to speed up any faster and wouldn't be able to keep you balanced. 

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