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TG F3 Broken - Where is the gyro or hall sensor

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My son learned to drive this thing (after keeping it in secret from him for around 11 months).

But after two days he brought it broken. It starts and when leaning forward or backward it beeps and stops.

The battery shows full or 3 lights.

I have opened it and notices a lot of glue like stuff (sorry for my incompetence). I have noticed that the big wire which goes to the wheel is hot. Please see attached some photos.

I have tried to reach the engine but could not unscrew the big NUT.

Any advice is welcome.



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41 minutes ago, Nikolay Yordanov said:

But after two days he brought it broken. It starts and when leaning forward or backward it beeps and stops.

I think you are asking the wrong questions, neither the gyro (which is a chip on the main circuit board) or the Hall Sensor(s there are several of them and they are all inside the wheel close to the motor magnets) are likely to be part of the fault. They are connected to the main board by that plug with the multicoloured wires going to it.

My first worry is your statement: “keeping it secret from him for 11 months” If you charged it up first and left it stored for 11 months the batteries have possibly developed a very high internal resistance so will show full voltage when charged but sag alarmingly when asked to give power. Similar damage would occur if you didn’t charge it up and the voltage dropped below 48 volts over the year, although if it was a new battery and it wasn’t used at all then, if it was at storage voltage, it should be OK.

The next question to ask is: with the power turned off, does the wheel turn easily and freely by hand? If not a power transistor or two (MOSFET) will be likely to have failed, main board is pretty much ruined then unless you have good electronics repair experience (or know someone who does.) Hot power wires (blue,green,yellow wires) might suggest this is what has happened - or might simply suggest something stuck between case and tyre - a stone for example?

”Glue like stuff” is very crude but pretty standard on these wheels it is to (hopefully) stop things coming loose or disconnecting when going over bombs 

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@Keith the battery was pretty fine for 3 days and charged around 5 times and riding for a many hours.

The radiator of the control board was very hot so I guess there is something with the electrics and also the two magnets which hold the metal plates in up position have fallen because of the glue stuff has turned liquid.

@kasenutty he learned in just couple of hours (he rides skateboard, stunt scooter and bmx so it is much easier for him)

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