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I need a volenteer to test ride my tesla EUC in NYC

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I recently bought a Tesla Wheel new from the factory in China.

I am having what I believe are power issues, others think it is me.

I need to meet with someone who is a competent EUC rider.

So I  may resolve the question:

       Is it the Wheel?


        Is it me?


I live in NYC - (Bronx - near Van Cortlandt Park & 242 St )

or I will also travel to anywhere in Manhattan that might be convenient. 

My schedule is flexible.

I will come to you if you would like.


I would like to meet up someone  to test ride my Tesla

Whats in it for you. 

         Meeting a new fellow rider.


         My eternal gratitude. 

         Tesla Test Ride - Free

If there are general meetings or get-togethers I would be interested to hear about them.

Thank You.


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And be sure to let us know what you discover. If it is a wheel failure the community would be very interested in knowing about this new failure mechanism. Good luck.

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On 6/25/2018 at 6:35 AM, houseofjob said:

Yes, we’re talking over email, waiting to hear back on meet time/place.

So, any news? I've been interested in hearing about this particular wheel's problems.

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