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V10F new firmware installed. Problems...


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Just updated the new firmware for my V10F.

Took a short ride and now the wheel feels very unsafe.
There are tilt forwards and backs even in low speed (15km/h).

And it was stated there would be different drive modes.
I push button in the App for different drive modes it says this is not available for this model...

I don`t want to drive now because the tilt backs and forwards...

Hope they fix very soon...

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Got the same sensation once on my v5F+ out of nowhere, I just re-calibrated everything and it got fixed right away ! 

I suspect the update  to mess up a bit with the customized settings or something like that ! Nothing serious !

I will update mine this weekend too.

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After erasing flash and recalibrating wheel, wheel seems to react again as normal.
Maybe a bit on the soft side, don't know...
Have to wait for an iOS update to be able to try the different drive modes...

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9 hours ago, Pagsy said:

erasing flash ???

At least does the acceleration improve ? I think that was supposed to be 1 of the new features ...

you can erase flash in diagnose menu.
maybe it feels like acceleration is a bit better. don't really know.
there is now a noticeable tilting forward during accelerating and tilting back during braking.
didn't notice it before ... maybe it was there before the update, but not as noticeable ...

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