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V8 pedals lost V shape


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Wow!  I am glad to see you have got so many km out of it.  The pedals must scrape when you turn.

The tire looks new so you have to get those pedals fixed to get your money's worth out of that tire. :thumbup:

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13 hours ago, FreeRide said:

i wonder if the wear is on the pedals or the hangers?  

I assume it is related to the contact point between hanger and pedal. I haven't 100% understood yet what stops the pedal from opening further. The stopper may actually be adjustable, but I haven't the tools here to further investigate that at the moment.

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5 hours ago, Harold Farrenkopf said:

I worry my fat ass will bent the pedals. I’m 255. 

I don't think something has bent, rather some material has been compressed or abraded. I am not worried. A piece of hard felt seemed to have fixed it for the time being.

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