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Ninebot S2 thinks it’s S1

Kirill Slysh

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I have my ninebot S2 for about few months. Everything was fine. 

But now it’s started leaning and beeping on much slower speed then before. I’ve looked up in the app. So now it’s showing speed limit 11.2 mph and only one battery bar. So basicly it turned it self into Ninebot S1. 

I don’t know if it’s help , but I wonder how to factory reset it or maybe battery have died. 


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2 hours ago, nte said:

There is a problem with battery #2. With only one battery the S2 becomes the A1.

14.9 -> 11.2mph top speed and 500 -> 400watt motor.

A1/S1/S2 identical engines 500 watts 600 RPM.

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