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Kingsong 14D knocking sound

Davide Neri

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Hello everyone,

i'm posting here for some help. I recorded this video https://youtu.be/nsN1dSj25hU where you can hear a "knocking" sound coming from my 14D. It is not the valve stem because i moved and tweaked it in every possible position, even removed the cap.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue?



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Unfortunately not, but it seems to come once every tire rotation. There's nothing else in the motor/hub/tire than the valve that qualifies, so perhaps there is something inside the tire well that touches the valve after all. Could be just a stick though. I might try to put a thin rag under the valve and slowly rotate the tire around. It might bring something with it. Although it might also grab into something and require a complete disassembly to get it out, so use your own consideration.

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