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Ok this gottabe wrong, wtf ?

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Am on a nice long Saturday morning ride with my beloved monster, stopped to take a break pulled out my phone and I saw this, it has to be a forum record if not a world record, anyone know the number to Guinness?... no not the beverage hahaha


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Oh yea? I haven’t been riding around any trees or anything like that just straight sidewalk and bike lanes, The fastest recorded time I had on my monster previously was 32mph it has never given me any weird reading, I do remember a portion of my ride today where I was tryin to keep up with the cars though

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1 hour ago, stephen said:

did you lift the wheel up and it spun out..

ps how do you get wheel log im mph mines in km/h i can't find any settings?

Swipe in from the left hand side to bring up various settings. Speed Settings is at the top and where you select 'Use MPH'

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