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Vinylwrap my 9bot1


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I had vacation this week and after a weekendtrip abroad I spent the rest of the week at home. I didnt ride at all and I kinda felt the itch to do something with my wheel. So I imagined myself some printed vinyls to stick on the bot.

I had a few Ideas so I sat down and had a long talk with GIMP to get some mock ups of designs...

55e1e295c57b8_2015-08-29_18_47_18-_IMG_2 55e1e2a297702_2015-08-29_18_47_35-_IMG_2 55e1e2a978fb2_2015-08-29_18_47_48-_IMG_2 55e1e2af9debc_2015-08-29_18_48_13-_IMG_2 55e1e2b27a1fa_2015-08-29_18_48_21-_IMG_2

I ended up getting something abstract but with color..
Strip it clean it:

Roughly cut the vinyl into shape

Wrapped and almost back together

Thats how it looks tonight

Still not decided what to do with the outer ring. Wrapping is very complicated, no straight surface. I think I'll end up getting some plastidip for the outer ring and once its available I'll get a semi-transparent one.

Whaddya think? ^_^

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Thanks guys ^_^

Dont tell noone, it just looks great from far, but up close, the perfectionist would nope it out the window. There are several spots with bubbles, but since I fully expect to scratch it more, I'll just redo it with fresh wrap at a later time.

I didnt even have a squeegee, I improvised one with an old creditcard wrapped in papertissue to avoid scratches, didnt succeed on that either. :unsure:. Just watch out for the screws, the metal is pretty soft and a powerscrewdriver can crush them.

Yeah, I am opting for black plasti-dip for the Batterycover and a yet undecided color for the outer ring... I looked at the carbon vinyl as well but my 2 left hands (IT guys and the real world.. :huh:) probably would've fucked it up. Thats why I went for a cheaper option for my first try..

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Thank you :-) it took me about 2 hours in total to disassemble, wrap and reassemble for both sides. I think wrapping the ring could take a little longer due to the inclined surface and will need some different vinyl (3d stretchable like for cars) to get it smooth and flat.


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Slight update since it was a nice sunday to let the paint dry. Its simple matte black spraypaint in 2 layers on the outside of the pedals as well as the battery cushions. Now that silver hinge where the pedals attach sticks out even more <_<  One for the next time I disassemble the bot... And I attached a Laser/LED Bikelight that hopefully makes sure anybody faster than me leaves me some space.. For the front I use a headlamp, I found it better to have light wherever youre looking instead of just straight forward.






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Hi Tree, here in Oz it's 

Nine Bot One Australia on Facebook.

I didnt buy mine through them, I did it through Ebay via China its in transit as we speak. I found them after I purchased mine and saked them a few questions about accessories etc, they didnt seem to be too stocked up, saying that they only carried handles, and tape etc....

A pity because I have the feeling it'll explode here, the State Govt is very Green politically speaking, bike lanes have been installed on our city streets here, and more and more are on bikes, skateboards and 2 wheeled scooters...

A legit Ninebot Agencey here with all the bits and peices will do well as more and more discover the EUC world

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