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Griffith Park Night Ride - June 23rd 2018

Marty Backe

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Join us for the first Griffith Park Night Ride. This should offer spectacular cityscape views of the Los Angeles basin as we traverse the trails above. The moon will be approaching full moon, and will be directly above us by 10pm. So trail (dirt & paved) visibility should be excellent, but everyone should bring plenty of lights and batteries.

We will first visit the Helipad for panoramic views of the cityscape during dusk. Then we travel the back trails, eventually ending up on top of the highest peak of Griffith Park, overlooking the Observatory and Los Angeles beyond. At this point the city lights will be showing in their full glory. Then we proceed to the Water Tank for views of Burbank and North Hollywood. Finally we will travel to below and above the Hollywood Sign, lit up as we see it in the movies. On our way back we will stop by the Observatory.

It should be fantastic evening ride.

We will meet at our usual spot, at the parking lot north of the Greek Theater: Google Map Pin. I will probably be parking on Los Feliz since elements of the Park close at 10pm (not the trails) and I'm not sure how the parking lots will be affected. Message me if you have questions/concerns.

Meet at 8pm (Sunset) which will allow us to be riding by 8:30pm. I would expect our ride to conclude by 10:30 - 11:00 pm. The weather forecast looks pleasant, but it can cool down in the evening. So bring warm clothes that can be layered.

Any wheel with ~800wh capacity should be more than adequate for this ride.

Please reply to this Topic if you will be attending. If there are no replies (including from @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer") I reserve the right to not show up.

Hope you can join us. It'll be a special evening with views you won't soon forget.

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15 minutes ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:


I'm so using this for Facebook exposure :thumbup:

This picture must have been taken with a 2000mm lens to get that foreshortening 

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20 minutes ago, who_the said:

Damn. So tempted. Would love to make it down for this.........


This is our first night ride in the mountains. With all of Los Angeles below it should offer fantastic views.  And then there's the lit up Hollywood Sign. This won't be the last time we do it though.

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1 hour ago, n2eus said:

I'll be there.

Great. FYI, I'm riding my Tesla because it has the best light show of all my wheels.

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1 hour ago, Ando Melkonyan said:

Ill try to be there

I thought you were already "in" :D  Hope you can make - bring your Tesla of course.

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5 hours ago, 1Wheeler said:

I'll be there.  And with my v10F! ?



Very nice. The V10F should do great on these hills.

I just received my 900 lumen light that I'll be using for the ride. It turns night into day :)

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