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E scooter discussion/ area!!!

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Moderators and who ever makes decisions, is it possible to create an area to discuss E scooters?. There is few/ many of us have purchased E scooters as well as having UECs. Would be nice to share info., knowledge and trouble shooting issues.

i could look for new forum that discusses E scooters only but it be nice to stay in one area type of thing.

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I for one think there could be room for an E-scooter section.  It doesn't take much to add one and set it up.  With the cross-interest there is between EUCs and other PEVs I don't see why the line can't be moved over a notch.

With interest in the Dualtron family of scooters growing along with other brands, it would be nice to see it all discussed in one place.  Maybe @John Eucist can revisit the topic and reconsider as there are mixed riders within family units where maybe dad/son ride EUCs and mom rides an E-Scooter.  I think there can be synergy in a common forum for both groups.  Besides, if it will help Jason and Ewheels prosper that's good for everyone considering how dealers have been dropping like flies lately.

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EhWheels is the Canadian division...
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21 minutes ago, Marty Backe said:

eScooters have EXPLODED in Southern California. Last year, as I rode along the beach trails, I rarely saw an eScooter. This spring they've been everywhere. Almost to the point that they are a nuisance. It's a weird business plan, where the user rents them and then abandons the scooter anywhere, often in the middle of a trail :eff0541f4a: 

Apparently they have GPS trackers that scavengers use to locate and then recharge them. The scavenger gets reimbursed for the effort. I've seen a couple of these guys, themselves riding a scooter and carrying multiple scooters laid cross-ways on their scooter. It's a way to make a buck I guess.

Hmm. These e-scooter people sound like a sketchy bunch. First the damnable bicyclists and now this! 

Does that Dualtron Ultra really have front & rear 1200w motors, top speed of 50 mph, not kph, mph:efee78d764:

Well, whatever ..I for one would never ..front & rear disc brakes huh?:eff02be2d7:

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