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Flexmeter D30 - thumbs up after wipe out

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It's weird how you can develop a kind of attachment relationship with your safety gear if it proves itself in an accident.  I had the same experience with my Hired Hands wrist guards.  Once I had a fall and had to use them and they proved effective, I became reluctant to consider anything else.  I've since adopted the Flexmeters, but haven't had to test them out yet.  

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It is true!  I brought mine over to the computer with me after I got inside.  No idea why.  Feeling pleased with them I guess. ?  Nothing like *not* getting hurt.   I am an artist so I very much appreciate keeping my hands intact so I can continue to paint.

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I just bought these, glad to see a good experience/review!

I already have hillbilly gloves, which can take a shock, but bend my hands backwards and make it just about impossible to grip anything, even hold onto a fence or lean properly onto a wall to help steady myself.  In fact I started the terrible habit of catching myself on my fingers and thumb in response, so at least I wouldn't come to rest by smashing my palm into every surface (not a friendly thing to do to cars).  Wound up giving myself a very stiff thumb through several of its joints for a solid year.  

The Flexmeters sound great, and I really needed something that didn't basically disable my hands for most anything but crashing into things.

They sell a glove that goes over it on their site, but I ordered the double-sided wrist protector by itself.

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