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Don't ride on a questionable tube.


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I had a flat about a week ago on my KS 16b.  Tried to fix it first with slime, that didn't work.  Then I used Tear-Aid (which I used to love but will not use again, it has let me down twice now).  That patch lasted about a week before it let go on the way to work.  Took the wheel apart again and not only did the patch fail but now the small hole was a large tear in the tube.

I bought a classic patch kit with the rubber cement and a patch large enough to just cover the tear.  Took it for a test ride yesterday and this morning it still was inflated so I thought I was good to go.  Got almost all the way to work this AM and it catastrophically deflated really fast.  I don't know if you've ever ridden an EUC with a flat tire - actually scratch that, I know you haven't because it's impossible.  The wheel got instantly impossible to control and I had to jump off of it. 

Luckily managed to stay on my feet.  Not sure how fast I was going but it wasn't top speed.  Wheel seems ok, minus a new mark to join the many others I need to buff out, as well as a surprising chip in one of the pedals.  I have 2 new tubes on order.  I'm getting really good at putting them in...




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