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GT16 punctured easily solved

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I punched the inner tube of my gt16, so I thought about buying a new inner tube via internet, disassembling the frame,  changing ithe inner tube, re-assembling etc..

...but we are in late spring, the weather is nice, so I thought maybe it was possible to put a patch on the inner tube without dissambling the euc.

Armed with three handles of ladles ☺️, I easly removed the tire directly from the wheel,  I easily put a patch and reassembled the tire.

...GT16 has a very uncovered wheel , qand this is  a good convenience,  I don't think this operation is possible on many other wheels

318tVsiLMVL.jpg.c26afd5f7f6f3d3a1f89585fef39ec45.jpg     :thumbup:

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Nice job. ?

I used usual bicycle tube repair tools on my KS18A also without disassembling the whole wheel.

What the Italians don’t do with their hands ? they solve problems with their cooking tools. Really great. :efee612b4b::efefae4566: 

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