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Hitch and Trailer for my Ninebot One S2


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Brilliant! I think someone did something like this before, but can't remember any details. I'd say the natural end for the towing beam is at the rear top of the wheel. This way if you brake, the trailer is pushed backwards instead of getting closer to the wheel which it would if it were fixed to the rear end of the wheel.

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I thought a lot about the "Neutral Point" and came to the simple conclusion that the exact middle of the Wheel is that position. Of cause you can't attach something there. 

If you move the point back/forth it will affect mainly the cornering. Hitch in the back means Accelleration in curve will twist the wheel to straight, braking in curve will twist inwards. Not very safe, because the driver must compensate that.

If you move the point of attachement sideways accelleration and braking means pushes to side.

If you move the point up/down at accelleration/braking the trailer will have influence over the ballance that is hold by the electronics.

And last but not least you got to go with the sturdiest point you can find. And you must get around the room you need for your feet including getting on/off.

This way I took the hole for the pinscrew. It is about 6cm (2,5inch) sideways off the center and about 10cm under the axle. Forth/back Movement is compensated by the electronics quite well. At braking and accelleration you can feel a tiny little push sideways but it is well to handle

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Proven the possibility of towing with a simple screw-through-eyelet, I refined the hitch today. I ordered a de-attachable ball-pivot M5 with securing-clip, which replaces the worm screw for the bolt of the footpeg on one side. The ball is 8mm. Then I installed a stronger steel rod to link the pivot with the side towing bar. I gave it some important bends to have the biggest avaliable freedom for tilting in every direction and also cornering. I will have to replace the Aluminium-L-profile towing bar with a square-profile for stiffness.

The width of the axle is not wider than my feet on the footpegs of the Ninebot. So for straight driving I will not have to worry about the trailer hitting an obstacle.

I tested this with 8kg of load in the garden (lawn)






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