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Fox Proframe or POC Coron Air Spin?

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I believe @Kevin Grandon rocks the Fox.

It'd be great to meet and ride with you and your wife someday here in San Francisco! A bunch of us (including my wife, who isn't on the forum yet, @Kevin Grandon@Nevin@Tec-toyz.com, @Voodoo Circus) ride most Sundays as an "eWheel" ;) group, and join other riders (eskate, Onewheel) on Friday nights and Saturdays. We also ride many evenings along the waterfront from AT&T Park to the Golden Gate Bridge. I think I may have seen your wife on her V5F on Mission near Bernal? CHEERS

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Just checked out paragliding helmets. While they look cool, they seem optimized for the wrong things with respect to EUC use. For riding an EUC I want a helmet that is optimized for multiple, relatively low speed impacts (like a skateboard, ski, DH/enduro bike helmet) and is more about preventing concussions (absorptive / deforming) than skull fractures (hard shell, intrusion protection; like a motorcycle helmets). I'm also looking for something that will not interfere with hearing my surroundings, rather than something designed to reduce wind noise (i.e. motorcycle, car racing, paragliding, etc.).  I also want something with good air flow.

The only full-face helmet I've found that seems to meet these criteria is the POC Coron Air Spin. I'd buy it, but I got the older model of Coron (non-Air) and it was uncomfortable (my current helmet is a POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS, which is great but it's not full face).  The Fox Proframe meets all the criteria except multi-impact.  The new Bell Super DH looks promising too, but is also not multi-impact.

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