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eBay fake warning! KS18 AY


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Hey guys

just want to let you know that somebody trys to sell my old wheel with my old pictures and my product description. I asked the buyer of my wheel if he is selling it again, but he denies. 

I'm in contact with the buyer of my wheel and I would have wondered, bc he would have asked for permission taking my pictures and my item description  

So don't buy this!!!



best, Lukas 

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I'm sorry to hijack the thread but I have a question about the 18AY 1200w model. Did you have any problems with it? 

Is it possible to cruise at 40km/h without warnings or tiltback? What about 45?

I see several 18AY at good prices. I'd like to buy one for commuting.

Thank you!

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@alcatraz Personally I would recommend shelling out the extra cash for the 18S, if you are interested in this type of wheel. I have owned both. On the AY I did not feel comfortable at more than 36-37km/h.  S version I'm cruising at 48-49, no problem (On good roads that I have excperience on).

Still, the AY is a fun wheel as well.

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