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I crashed my segway.... now its dead

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1 hour ago, Levi Musselman said:

I crashed my segway into the curb and it instantly shut off and will not turn back on. Ive tried holding the button to reset it and I’ve plugged it in the the charger but nothing has worked. Please help. I use it for work and I really need it!

There is a saying: “The Lord helps those that help themselves.” But, if you really need this working, you ought to at least be trying to help us! Currently all anyone can do with the info you have given us is pray!

You really need this to be working but you have told us absolutely nothing that could possibly help anybody diagnose what is wrong - not even what model of vehicle this is - even to the point of saying it is a “Segway” and then making this post in an Electric Unicycle section - I’ve moved it to Segway, but I suspect that is not what you have got?

What if any lights are showing, what ACTUALLY happens when you plug a charger in? Does it make any sounds? Does it connect to its App? Simple stuff really.

With what you have told us already (and what haven’t told us) all that can be concluded so far is, if you are lucky the jolt has disconnected something, if you are somewhat less lucky it’s blown a fuse (assuming it has one - how are we supposed to know - we don’t know what you are riding?) If you are really unlucky you have blown something in the electronics.

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Is it 

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