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where can i order a ks16 800W model control board?


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16 minutes ago, steve454 said:

Is it a 16B?  Maybe this one will work, it is 800W.


Have you tried @Justina's website?

i would rather not use her website. my freinds experiences with her site have been very bad. currently one of my freinds are running a case on the site because he got a defect ks14s and the seller wont take it back, repair it or refund it.

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Best bet in EU is @1RadWerkstatt:  http://www.1radwerkstatt.de/epages/80603321.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Categories/Category3

Just drop a mail directly to 1RadWerkstatt@gmx.de  , they don't list all the parts in the site, but definitely carry KS boards, as they're the German importer. I've also bought Firewheel boards from them, and likely they could get boards and other spare parts for pretty much any "brand name"-EUC.

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