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Voice module, bluetooth have stopped working

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My girlfriend has a Solowheel Glide 3, maybe 3 months old? I can’t remember the exact age but that’s close. We just fired it up yesterday after a week or more of it sitting in the trunk of her car. Normally when you turn it on, a female voice welcomes you. Now as of yesterday, when the machine is turned on, you just get a blast of static that lasts about as long as the female voice saying “welcome”. Then when picking up the wheel and purposefully letting the wheel spin out, normally you’d get that female voice saying something to you right before the wheel stops itself (some sort of warning or maybe announcement that the wheel is shutting down? Not sure) but now when picked up the wheel spins up, we get a combination of a blast of static and some comment from the female that is really muffled and unintelligible, then the wheel shuts down. The last thing that’s happening is the app won’t connect with the wheel. It just produces the error “no wheel found within range” or whatever the message is when it fails to connect.

No real crashes, the unit has been dropped a few times while she’s been learning but nothing catastrophic. Worked as normal when last operated, before putting it in the trunk. Any guesses? The only thing i can think of is extreme heat damaging the electronics? We’re in South Carolina and have had plenty of 90+ degree days, wheel in the trunk during many of those days. The unit gets the normal jostling that something would when riding in the trunk, but again nothing extreme has happened to the wheel.

Thanks in advance for some advice or guesses. 

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One more tidbit, the wheel rides fine. We rode for an hour and a half yesterday, no issues other than the app won’t connect to the wheel so we can’t choose any settings, and whenever a voice prompt is given it’s just a blast of static.. It was a successful ride, wheel operates as normal.

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Heat damage would be the primary concern here as you already suggested. 90 degrees outside can easily be 140-150 degrees in the car. Apart from absolutely killing the useful life of the battery I would have concern about the electronics. Heat expansion could crack PCB pathways, solder joints, or make connectors loose, especially over multiple heating/cooling cycles which you suggest may have happened. I would suggest using the app to re-flash the sounds in case the EPROM has been corrupted but as that won't connect (you didn't just update to Android Oreo did you???) then I can only suggest opening the wheel up and disconnecting the battery to reset the mainboard. While you are at it I would re-seat all connectors and the Bluetooth module. If that doesn't work, or you just don't fancy it, InMotion USA will take your wheel in for repair. Contact @Jeffrey Scott Will or @Bobwheel for more help with this.

If disassembly doesn't resolve the problem then regardless of the perceived ability of it to balance normally I would not trust it enough to ride.

Regardless of the outcome, don't store your wheel in the car if you don't have to. Extreme heat will irreparably damage the battery (a $400 item) and while the cold in SC is not enough to do persistent harm riding a wheel that is cold internally is very risky as the batteries will be temporarily limited in the power they can produce.

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