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Battery & overweight


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Yesterday when I was practicing driving backwards (so many forward/backward) I got a voice from my Inmotion V5F: overweight, step off - and then it powered down instantly (good this was not happening outside training area). This continued to happen several times. 

Battery level: red bar plus yellow bar. Inmotion ios app showed 41%, and DarknessBot ios app showed 35%.

my weight including clothes & gear is approx 85 kg. 

I assume this “feature” is correct if the weight combined with low battery happens. But.... I had over 1/3 left. 

Btw, this v5f is 1-2 weeks old. 

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On 5/24/2018 at 1:00 PM, WARPed1701D said:

Are you sure it wasn't "overheat". It sounds like you were doing pendulums which is very harsh on the wheel and the control board probably got too hot. I do not know of any alarm related to weight or any way the wheel could detect it. 

I have checked the Inmotion iOS app, and in the section where I can customize the sound files it does indeed say overweight and not overheat. But I was doing pendulums and it was probably because of temperature.

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