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KS 16S Speaker Sound Deflectors


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Made a pair of sound deflectors for my KS16s.  They make a big difference.

Stared with (2) Food Club Cards, heated them and bent to 45 degrees. Painted black and attached with Velcro.






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1 hour ago, Shad0z said:

why would you need sound deflectors???

The sound deflects up to the rider.

1 hour ago, kasenutty said:

Yeah, what do they do exactly? I feel dumb, but I don't understand :)



Ive been thinking. Is this to make it louder for the rider and quieter for bystanders? 

You are correct!

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Just now, kasenutty said:

If you took a little hollow rubber ball and cut it into quarters, you could end up with one perfect soundsconce for each speaker to superglue around each speaker hole.

I first tried a tennis ball and didn’t like the sound. Using Velcro lets me remove them when I want.

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