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Gotway MCM V3 pairing issues

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but...

I just received an MCM V3 today and was attempting to connect/pair it with my phone (android 7.1.1) but none of the apps/apk I have tried (several Gotway specific variations and Wheellog) can even see the wheel.  Also I am unable to connect to the wheel directly via the bluetooth settings on my phone. I can see it, but cannot pair to it.  The phone also will not allow me the option to input the bluetooth password when I do attempt to connect.  Needless to say I'm quite frustrated, any thoughts?





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Posted (edited)

That's an old wheel. I don't think any of the newer apps will connect to it. Maybe someone here has a link to one of the ancient Gotway apps?

I moved this topic to the Gotway section.

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I was able to get it sorted. Ended up going for the last resort of wiping & resetting my phone. Whatever was blocking the Bluetooth from recognizing the wheel was fixed! All settings, adjustments, and connections work. Both in wheellog and in the gotway app.

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