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Marty Backe

My MSuper V3s+ Ascent of Mount Wilson

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I try to think of it this way.  A rider moving at 20 kph on a perfectly level road uses up X amount of power.  If that road is tilted progressively down, the power needed becomes less and less until it reaches zero power at a certain angle as gravity takes over providing the power needed to keep the rider moving at 20 kph while overcoming resistance forces.  Even though the motor is turning the net power needed to move at 20 kph is zero.

If the tilt increases further the power available exceeds what is needed to move at 20 kph so the speed increases.  If the rider were to brake to maintain 20 kph and not go over that, there is extra resistance so the power available is redirected into the battery pack.  The resistance is due to the power needed to charge the battery pack up from a lower voltage to a higher one so it is the electric current in the reverse direction that is helping to brake.  Or that's my theory.  I'm no physicsologist or electronicsologist so don't quote me on that.  :whistling:

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