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Gyroor F1 Hoverboard

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On 5/19/2018 at 9:22 PM, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

This new design looks pretty cool with the F1 inspired chassis and fat tires.

Yes, really inspired design - although I’m not at all sure that’s the way Mercedes F1 will see it ?.

what was more of a shock to me was that: “The World’s fastest Hoverboard” does 10MPH - REALLY, is that the fastest a Hoverboard goes? 

I think I’ll stick to the EUC ?

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:thumbup:  I try not to speed discriminate :innocent1:.  From a purely esthetic standpoint it is quite cool looking and does have some F1 appearance similarities.  I like the layered and angular look with the contrasting black and silver elements.  Although not EUC speed fast it probably dominates the hoverboard speed market I'm guessing?

It's too bad these don't have some sort of motor speed rotational intelligence to limit the differential when the motors are turning in opposite directions.  That might help reduce crazy spinouts and turning instabilities.  I haven't touched my old hoverboards in ages, but I did find the rate of turn sometimes destabilizing.  You can do stationary spins very quickly, and if in motion a too high rate of turn can throw you off.  I guess though that limiting it would reduce its responsive feel.  Oh well it was just a passing thought.

I wish our EUC makers would produce a cool looking shell like this hoverboard.

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1 hour ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

It's too bad these don't have some sort of motor speed rotational intelligence to limit the differential when the motors are turning in opposite directions.

That is a really good point. I’ve seen people talk about Hoverboards being easier to learn and safer than EUC’s but I honestly think they are a lot more dangerous even at lower speeds

I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos where the lack of power on many results in them flying out from under a riders feet and the rider goes down, often backwards and cracks the back of his head on the ground - that could easily be fatal, yet when did you last see a Hoverboard rider with a helmet? Now this board claims each motor is 350W, if true, that should help prevent that problem.

However the more serious safety issue, to me, is that very fast rate of turn. An EUC,  should it fail, will throw you off forwards or at worst, if during braking, backwards. Almost by definition the area in front of you, if you are going fast must be clear and that’s where an EUC will likely throw you. However a Hoverboard is way, way more likely to throw you off than an EUC as it can do it in normal operation, not like an EUC where it usually takes a fault or exceeding its limits. Worst it will throw you off sideways so even if you are riding safely on the sidewalk it can throw you into the road and under a car, as happened to a 14 year old in London who was killed when he hit a broken paving stone and was thrown sideways under a bus.

As @Hunka Hunka Burning Lovesuggests above, surely their safety would be much improved if they had an algorithm built in that progressively reduced steering effect with speed, I.e. it will turn rapidly on the spot when stationary but as top speed is approached limits the maximum turn, either commanded by the rider or as the result of one wheel impacting something like a small pothole, such that the turn is not violent enough to throw the rider. 

Obviously, this would need careful design so as not to become more dangerous by failing to be able negotiate a turn, I.e. it needs to turn just below the rate that would throw the rider anyway.

Personally, I still find the Ninebot Mini solution of leaning against a steering column to be a hell of a lot smarter and safer (as long as you don’t try to ride backwards!) and there is a thought: That F1 design would really lend itself to the Ninebot Mini and you could then have the column look like the fin and rear spoiler of an F1 car ?

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