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I 'm really glad I switched from Es8


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From Boosted Board(which is overrated) to a Gotway MCM4 680wh. My main purpose to having an electric longboard was to use it for work but it has only the range of 10 miles with the extended battery. So , I was looking for another alternative then I saw one guy riding that mgical thing on one of the groups rides here in NYC then i immediately have that urge to want it. After 2 months later. Here it is. I wish I knew about electric unicycles before the rise of electric longboards. I rather ride my regular longboard than ride the boosted board which has a mediocre range. EUC is much more versatile when it comes to everything. Range, Agility, Rides any surface and it's faster. When I had the boosted board, I have to jump off and kick the board to the direction that i'm turning. The feeling of gliding on the streets so quietly is like flying! Eventually I'll buy more EUC that is faster and with bigger wheels. Thans EUCs! you changed my life and my commute.

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