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V10(F) Settings, Mods and driving


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V10 and V10F owners, let’s discuss the wheels properties and share settings and experiences. 


  • What settings are you using in the app and why?
  • Share the adjustments you found best.
  • How are the different settings supposed to affect riding? 
    • E.g. why is stiffer pedals better/worse
  • What kind of shoes are best?
  • What kind of foot placement works for you and why?
  • How do you find acceleration and breaking?
  • What kind of driving style is best suited for this wheel?


I want to learn more about this wheel. I’m still experimenting with the settings and sometimes i’m not sure which is best. 


On my last drive I changed the again, now I have stiffer pedals and horizontal correction at 2.2 again. Felt quite good.  

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i’m thinking that with the horizontal correction, i can put my feet anywhere that feels comfortable and then adjust the toe down or heel down or level to make me feel comfortable riding it. mine is at -1.4 which is level on mine. i’ll check it again tmrw too. 

i’ve only tried my van’s sk8 hi’s so far but might try my tactical boots tmrw. sometimes i feel like my feet are moving but i look down and there in the same place. 

i’ve got sensitivity cranked up to the max. feels the same as my ks wheels setting on max. feels the same as my little 9bots. the e+ is in a world of it’s own.

i agree since the app works well with my ipad, it is fun to play with the adjustments. haven’t touch turning correction yet. 

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