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Gotway MSuper v3 820wh For Sale

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I'm selling my Gotway MSuper v3 820wh. This wheel is in very good condition. It has a few scratches from a couple of minor incidents. The wheel has never been taken apart. It rides very nicely. I'm selling to make room for a new wheel. 

Please view the pictures to assess the condition of the shell - I'm happy to take more pics and send them if interested. 

The wheel has about 750 miles. The tire holds air very well (only topped it off a couple of times since new).

I'm including the standard Gotway charger as well as a high speed charger with the ability to set the charge level at 70%, 80% and 90%. I generally charge the wheel to 80% to help extend the battery life.

Also included is a 3D printed mud guard. It's easily removed and installed and works very well. You can see it installed in the pictures.

Price is $850 plus shipping. I live in Atlanta Georgia so if you're local we can meet. I haven't seen too many EUC riders in Atlanta so it would be great to add another!










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11 hours ago, pattymac said:

No interest here so perhaps the price is too high.

Reducing to $750.

I'm going to be selling my 800-mile, 84-volt 1600wh MSuper for ~$800. Unfortunately yours is the early version, so I think your price is very high.

Many people have had good luck selling wheels on Craigs List. Good luck.

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