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WheelInfo for KS16S finds EUC but shows no data


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The getting-started email from eWheels for my new KS16S suggested WheelInfo as the app to use after getting it speed unlocked.  I already had WheelLog installed and that works very well.  So I went to Google Play with my Android phone, downloaded WheelInfo, it looks quite like WheelLog. Bluetooth shows my EUC, but after it's presumably paired it shows no data, no speed, no 'odometer', nothing.     Is there perhaps a better source to get this from rather than Google Play?    On Google Play it's called Wheelinfo84v by Dongsoo Lee.

Hmm, I wonder if the '84v' in the app title is a clue?  The text says it supports various EUC makes, including King Song, so ... ?

This isn't anything essential, I have no idea if this is any better for me than WheelInfo, just ... curious.

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