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Calibrating KS 16B - Problems?

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6 days after I Bought the KS 16 B -I sent the wheel back for repair or what so ever. As I got the wheel, I realized after a few kilometers, that the wheel is always tilt approx 20 ° to the front. Not parallel to the street. 

So I read the instructions and did a calibration. After that, it was much better. So I went for differetn rides. But quite often the wheel tilts to the front a few degrees - even on riding straight on.

In curves (return) it tilts completely to the front approx. 25° - really bad. I could avoid faceplant - but left the wheel quite often. Repairshop says - unbelievable - not possible.

Riding my V5F - every thing is fine - despite the fact, that battery is empty after max of 25 kilometers.

Does anybody had this problem as well?


Regards from Germany


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